Welcome to Black Box Architects

Formed originally in 1983 from the design for a small studio building in Sussex. Today, Black Box Architects practices in Cumbria and London, receiving design awards for innovation.

Here, the process is everything. Examples of our work are all carried out with economy in mind, but usually for clients looking for more than just an ordinary answer. There is no excuse for poor building or bad building methods…. None at all. And certainly no excuse for poor design.

There is an assumption that architecture is expensive….. but not true.  Good and sensitive work is often the result of how a problem is resolved to the betterment of us all, but more so when a client is willing to help.  It really doesn’t have to be a costly process and can often be quite economical, particularly when a limited fund is spent wisely. Far too often we have seen money wasted on sites, materials misused, or more importantly an idea forced through by designers without fully addressing the correct design process.

If, by building something, the result develops further, be it those who pay for it or those who use it or even just experience it in passing, then it can develop into good architecture.

What we do

Above all we listen.  To understand a brief fully and help work out a solution to even the most complex problem it needs a process and the first step in all this is the simplest;  the ability to listen.